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Older Adults 65+

Winnipeg in motion writes regular Healthy Living articles in the City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide and an in motion column in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Wave Magazine to support Winnipeggers to become more active. Click on the links below to read previous articles or sort by topic or age group on the right.

Safe Places to Play

Equitable Access: Why it Matters

Health Mobility

Resist the Urge to hibernate

Thriving Every Day

Games People Play

Health by Design - pg 38

Healthy Environments - Well designed neighbourhoods

Trail Time

Mixing it Up! Variety keeps your body strong.

Connect with Nature. Take your Physical Activity Outside for added health benefits.

Where you live can affect your health

Stand up for your health

Myth Busters

Walk or Run?

Walk the Friendly Skies!

Physical Activity - Good for Your Body and Mind

It's Snow Time! How to connect to your inner winter child.

It's Summer - Get out and enjoy it!

Physically Active & Sedentary - Can you be both?

Action Plan - Tips for getting a healthy start on the New Year

Perfect Presents

Keep your Blood Pressure in Check