in motion Older Adult Exercise DVD

The in motion Older Adult Exercise DVD is a great way for older adults to add physical activity to their day - out in the community with a group of friends or exercising on their own at home.

The DVD can be used a few different ways:

  1. Press Play and the DVD will lead you through a complete exercise class comprised of a warm-up, cardio, strength & balance, cool down and stretch.
  2. Add one or two sections to your day (Ex. add the "Strength" section to your morning routine)
  3. Combine the DVD with other activities that you do (Ex. Add the "Cool down & Stretch" section after an afternoon walk)
  4. Check out the "How to" section for tips on proper technique. This instructional section walks you through a selection of strength and stretch exercises.

Click below and exercise along to the 45 minute in motion Older Adult Exercise video or visit our Winnipeg in motion YouTube channel.

The in motion Older Adult Exercise workout is now available in French.

To get a copy of the in motion Older Adult Exercise DVD:

In Winnipeg - Visit any City of Winnipeg Public Library
To find your local library, visit

Outside Winnipeg - Contact the Active Living Coalition for Older Adults (ALCOA - MB)
Call toll free 1-866-202-6663 or email your complete mailing address to