Get Off the Couch!

Aaron Burnett, Ace Burpee, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Winnipeg in motion are pleased to present you with the Get Off the Couch Energizer! DVD.

Click below to view the Get Off The Couch Energizer video!

Watch the Get Off the Couch video below or visit our YouTube Channel. The Get Off the Couch resource includes the music video, ASL version, lyrics, dance instructions and other great information to help you use the Get Off the Couch Energizer in your classroom.

We hope you enjoyed the videos! Here's what some other folks think about the GOTC Energizer:

"It's a great way to start your day as it gets the blood pumping and your brain working!
Kim Burnett, grade 5/6 teacher at Chapman School

"It gets your heart rate up and it gets you get ready for your day ahead"
Kyle, grade 6, Chapman School

"I think teachers should use 'Get Off the Couch' to teach kids to be active and not to just lie around. It also encourages adults to start to get active too"
Shaelee, grade 5, Chapman School

"I think that teachers should use it because it helps you to get motivated to get some exercise. Dancing too, or even with this could get you more exercised and just help you have fun!"
Mckenzie, grade 6, Chapman School

Curricular Connections

This Get off the Couch Energizer DVD is a resource that could be used to support the implementation of Grades 5 to 8 Physical Education/Health Education: A Foundation for Implementation Curriculum.

The following lists are examples of clustering specific learning outcomes that targeted or related when using this resource with grades 5 and 6 students.

Grade 5 Specific Learning Outcome Connections for the GOTC Energizer

Grade 6 Specific Learning Outcome Connections for the GOTC Energizer

Teachers are also encouraged to make curricular links to Arts at

Get Off the Couch Musical Notation

Get Off the Couch! Energizer musical notation

Musical Notation provided by:
Dave Fisher, musician and music instructor (Calgary AB.)

The Get Off the Couch Energizer DVD was produced by:

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