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Resources to help you be active

Physical Activity for Newcomers

Energizers booklet

Exercise Band Workout

Walking: an activity of a lifetime

Adult Circuit Posters

Older Adult Circuit Posters

Kids in motion: an early start to physical activity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Bean Bag Activities and Games

Balls, Frisbees & Skipping Ropes: Tools for Active Play

Physical Activity DVDs

Energizers DVD

Get Off the Couch DVD

In motion Older Adult Exercise DVD

Equipment Loan Programs

Community Geocaching Loaner Program

Schools Geocaching Loaner Program

Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines

Physical Activity throughout Pregnancy

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

Early Years (0-4)

Children and Youth (5-17)

Adults (18-64)

Older Adults (65+)

Active Transportation Resources


Walking Rally Resources

Bike Helmet Guide - English

Bike Helmet Guide - French

Infant Helmet Guide - English

Infant Helmet Guide - French

Bike Carriers (bicycle seats) - English

Bike Carriers (bicycle seats) - French

Jogging Strollers - English

Jogging Strollers - French

Trackers and Planners

Winnipeg in motion monthly tracker

in motion Physical Activity Tracker for Children and Youth

in motion Physical Activity Tracker for Adults

Winnipeg Community Sport Policy

Winnipeg Community Sport Policy

Resources for Health Care Professionals

Resources For Health Care Providers


Winnipeg in motion YouTube channel

23 ½ hours - Dr. Mike Evans