Tips & tools
Children & Youth 5-17

Children and youth need to Sweat, Step, Sleep and Sit the right amounts each day. For the biggest benefits, children and youth (ages 5-17) should achieve high levels of physical activity, low levels of sedentary behaviour and sufficient sleep each day.

Learn more about the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth.

Ideas for Children
(5 - 11 years old)
Ideas for Youth
(12 - 17 years old)
Have a dance party Walk or bike to school
Go to the playground Join a school or community sports group
Play together as a family Encourage youth to go outside. Try teaching them a game you played as a kid.
Pack active toys (skipping ropes, Frisbees etc.) for recess Join a fitness class

Check out for over 50 activities to try with your kids

Tips to reduce sedentary time

Children and youth should not be watching screens more than 2 hours per day. Screens include television, tablets, computers or cellphones. The less they watch the better as lower levels provide additional health benefits.

Limit sitting time in the car, on the couch, or anywhere else they sit each day! Try to increase time spent outside.

Ideas for children
(5 - 11 years old)
Ideas for youth
(12 - 17 years old)
Take a daily walk or bike ride after dinner as a family Encourage teens to visit friends instead of talking online
Get your children to help with meal preparation Swap 30 minutes of screen time with 30 minutes of activity

Check out the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth