Tips & tools
Adults 18-64

Choose activities that you enjoy and that make your heart and lungs work hard (aerobic activities). These activities use large muscle groups for a long period of time. Brisk walking, running, swimming and riding a bike all make our hearts and lungs stronger. Aim to build up to 150 minutes a week of moderate - to vigorous- intensity aerobic activity. Try to do physical activities for at least 10 minutes at a time.

Physical activities that make muscles and bones stronger should be done 2 to 3 times each week. These include activities like yoga and lifting weights.

Moderate intensity means that you can have a conversation
but not sing along to a song while being active.

To reduce sedentary time try not to sit for more than two hours at a time.

Sedentary time is when we sit or don't move much. Working at the computer, reading and driving are all sedentary. Even if you are physically active, you need to make sure you don't sit too much! Sitting too much means that you may be more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Tips & tools to get "in motion"
Take a 10 minute activity break during your children's activities Join a team with a friend
Make a routine - set aside a specific time to be active Try geocaching - a modern day treasure hunt. Need a GPS unit - no problem!
Schedule active play dates with other families - try bowling or outdoor games Catching up with a friend over coffee? Take it to go and enjoy a walk
Put on some music and have a dance party Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

Circuit Posters - turn any room into a gym. No equipment required!

Keep track of your activity to help you stay motivated and monitor your progress. Download a monthly tracker to see what you can accomplish.

Too tired? Start small, with only 5, 10 or 15 minutes of activity to get you started.
Need motivation? Make a list of reasons to be active that are important to you. Find a friend or co-worker and be active together.
Tips to reduce sedentary time
Stand up while talking on the phone Try some stretches between your favourite shows or during the commercial break
Skip the drive thru. Park your car and walk in for your morning coffee Instead of emailing a co-worker - ask your question in person
Studying? Set an alarm for a 5 minute break every 25 minutes to recharge your brain and body Go for a short walk during your coffee or lunch break