Tips & tools
@ School

Children and youth (ages 5-17) need to Sweat, Step, Sleep and Sit the right amounts each day. Include active play and sports that make you sweat. Participate in structured and unstructured activities. Get enough sleep and limit sitting and screen time.

Three days a week, include activities that have your child sweating and out of breath such as running or skating.

Tips to support activity at school

For parents

  • Pack active toys such as skipping ropes, balls and frisbees.
  • Support your child to walk or ride their bike to school when possible.
  • Be an active role model.

For teachers/supervisors

  • Gather a group of kids and teach them a game you used to play.
  • Have an activity tool kit filled with active toys that can be brought outside.
  • Be creative! Think of active ways to teach core subjects.
  • Break up sedentary time spent in the classroom with an energizer or snacktivity.
  • Be an active role model.

Tips for being active on the way

Getting to and from school is an excellent opportunity for children and youth to add physical activity to their day.

To get started, try different routes for walking or biking in the evening or weekends to build confidence.

Ask other parents or older children to help and take turns leading younger ones in a walking/rolling school bus.

Check out Active and Safe Routes to School for help with planning.

School too far? Drop children off a block or two away and have them walk the rest of the way.

Did you know? October is Walktober - Walk to School Month.

Visit our children and youth page for more ideas to get "in motion".