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One of the greatest things about play is that it can be done in so many different ways. It can happen at home, at school or on the way (who remembers jumping over cracks in the sidewalk?). It can be structured, like joining a soccer team, or unstructured like playing games in the park.

Toddlers (1 -2) and preschoolers (3 - 4) should play actively for 3 hours every day. This time should be spread throughout the day.

Canadian children and youth (5-17) need to Sweat, Step, Sleep and Sit the rights amounts each day. This can be done through active play.

Encourage activity at school by packing
active toys like skipping rope and frisbees
Tips & tools to get "in motion"
Make it a habit by setting a time to be active together. Try a charity walk or fun run as a family.
Create an activity jar full of ideas to be active and choose a new one each week. Pass on your favourite games. Follow the Leader or Simon Says are great for all ages.
Build family traditions around activity. Try things like a walk after dinner or making snow people over the holidays. Swap 30 minutes of screen time with 30 minutes of activity.
Look for opportunities to get active on the way to events that happen close to home. Go tobogganing, skating, or cross country skiing.

Did you know that kids are more active and play longer when they are outdoors? Check out ParticipACTION’s position statement on Active Outdoor Play. Visit for information and ideas on playing outside.

Challenge the entire family to reduce screen time. Did you know the first week of May is Screen-Free Week?