Tips & tools
With Family

Physical activity is more fun when done together. Setting aside 30 minutes a day after school or dinner is a great way to relax and spend time together before doing housework and homework.

Try choosing activities that make everyone's heart and lungs work hard (aerobic activities). These activities use large muscle groups for a long period of time. Try going for a walk, playing a game of tag or putting on some music for a dance party.

Too busy? Break it up. Try activities that last
10 - 15 minutes. See if you can do 2 or 3 an evening.
Tips & tools to get "in motion" and reduce sedentary time
Make it a habit by setting a time to be active together Try a charity walk or fun run as a family
Create an activity jar full of ideas to be active and choose a new one each week Pass on your favourite games. Follow the leader or simon says are great for all ages
Build family traditions around activity. Try things like a walk after dinner or making snow people over the holidays. Try swapping 30 minutes of screen time with 30 minutes of activity
Look for opportunities to get active on the way to events that happen close to home. Go tobogganing, skating, or cross country skiing.