Why get in motion
Early Years 0-4

Physical activity or active play is needed for children to grow and develop as best as they can. It helps build social skills, imagination and self-esteem.

We sometimes think that children are naturally active. These days, children under the age of five are spending less time moving and more time sitting.

We help children learn colours and the alphabet. We also need to help them to learn to be active. Giving children chances to play and move in different ways helps their brains and bodies develop.

There are lots of reasons to be active at any age but here are our favourite reasons to help early years children to get "in motion":

  • A Good Night's Sleep - physical activity can help children sleep better. This may mean more rest and relaxation for parents too!
  • A Chance for Fun - improving physical literacy (movement skills) gives children the chance to feel confident trying different activities.
  • Connecting with Nature - connecting children with nature is vital for the development and sustainability of their good health and wellbeing.
Preschoolers that play outdoors for at least 2 hours a day
are far more likely to meet the physical activity guidelines.

Look for more information and ideas on the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines.