Why get in motion
@ Work

To add physical activity to your day, why not try using your coffee or lunch breaks? This is a great way to build activity into your daily routine.

Here are our favourite reasons to be "in motion" at work:

  • It's a Stress Buster - 10 minutes of exercise lowers blood pressure, a common sign of stress.
  • To Clear Your Mind - have you ever been stuck on a work project unsure of your next step? Try clearing your mind with a walk. Don't be surprised if you come up with potential solutions.
  • To Get Energy - do you look for a snack or coffee to make it through the afternoon? Try taking a short 5 - 10 minute walk. You will feel refreshed and ready for those last few hours.
Being active during the day at work helps avoid being too tired
or not having enough time to exercise later in the evening
Did You Know? In motion Energizers can help your workplace be more
active. Print a copy of our booklet or watch the energizers online.