Why get in motion
On the Way

What is Active Transportation?

Active transportation (AT) is any way to get from place to place using your own body rather than a car. This can be walking, cycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, scooting, wheeling, skiing, snowshoeing or even paddling.  Walking and cycling are most common. You can walk or cycle and use public transit to make AT easier and more convenient.

Why Choose AT?

It's Fun - being outside helps you relax and improves your mood. You can leave when you want and you won't get stuck in traffic or construction.

It's Healthy - using AT helps you be more physically active.  Being active improves your health. You are less likely to get a chronic disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

Sneak it in - it's a great way to add physical activity into your day.

It Saves Money - you don't pay for gas or parking. Driving 1 kilometre in your car costs $13 - $20. Walking or biking 1 kilometre costs nothing. It may also save you a gym membership.

It's Good for the Environment - replacing short trips with AT can reduce air pollution.

It is estimated that 90% of emissions of an 11 kilometre trip are generated in the first 1.6 kilometres.